Recall process for your Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi has made us aware of a potential safety issue with the Mi Electric Scooter purchased from Three. Xiaomi has confirmed that a limited number of Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooters have a defect that may cause the vertical component to break from the main body while in use. The affected scooters are from the serial number ranges 21074/00000316 to 21074/00015107 and 16133/00541209 to 16133/00544518. Due to this safety concern we have asked customers not to use the scooter and have issued recall notices to all customers who have purchased via letter.

For Xiaomi to rectify the issue with your scooter, they will arrange collection of the scooter from each customer and have it shipped to the repair centre where the affected part will be replaced. Once the scooter has been received at the repair centre it will be fixed within two working days and returned to the customer. The recall process will commence on 1st of July.