Post cancellation refund

Some customers who cancelled their contract with Three within the last 6 years had credit remaining on their account at the time of cancellation.

This credit was refundable on request. In some cases, this credit was not refunded at the time. Three is now looking to refund any customers who have credit remaining on their account.

Three is communicating with any customers who this relates to, informing them of the refund amount due and letting them know when they will receive their refund.

Frequently asked questions

We will contact any customers who are due a refund directly by email or letter.

If we have an email address on file, we will send an email. Where we have no email, we will send a letter to the billing address. Where we have no bank account details for you, you will receive a letter or email from Payzone, where you can receive your refund from your nearest Payzone Agent.

You don’t need to do anything. If you are due a refund, it will be credited to you even if you don’t receive the communication.

The credit will be transferred to the bank account we have on file. If there is no bank account on file, Three will issue a refund via Payzone.

Refunds will be issued from March 2022 with the aim of refunding all customers by March 2023.

No, former Three Prepay customers are not due a refund.