Non Geographic Numbers

Effective from 1st December 2019

In line with ComReg Decision D15/18, all calls to 1850, 1890, 0818 or 076 Non Geographic Numbers (NGNs) will be charged the same as calls to landlines. Currently, calls to NGNs are charged at separate rates and not included in your bundle allowance.

Phone numbers are managed by the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) to promote and protect the interests of Irish consumers, including vulnerable consumers. The below will help you understand what an NGN is and the changes to how they are treated.


Frequently asked questions

1800, 1850, 1890, 0818 and 076 numbers are NGNs. They’re used by many organisations in Ireland for voice services like helplines, public services and banking.
All calls to numbers beginning with 1850, 1890, 0818, and 076 will be charged the same as a call to a landline number from 1 December 2019. This means that calls to NGNs will be counted as ‘in bundle’, like landline calls, for any caller with a ‘bundle’ of landline minutes in their tariff. No separate charge will apply for NGN calls – unless the bundle/price plan of landline call minutes has been used up, or the caller doesn’t have a landline call bundle.
A bundle is an allowance included in your monthly phone package/price plan – ie the number of minutes included for making voice calls.
If you don’t have a bundle (or there are no bundle minutes left in your allowance), these calls will be charged per minute at your out of bundle price landline rate.
Yes, 1800 numbers will continue to be free.
ComReg’s Decision D15/18 says that the “objective is to ensure that retail tariffs for NGN calls do not unduly limit access to voice-based services provided over NGNs and are not detrimental to the efficient and effective functioning of the NGN platform.” Decision D15/18 also says “ComReg is of the view that [the changes] should substantially reduce the retail charges to consumers of calling NGNs”.
This change has been brought about by ComReg Decision D15/18. You can find out more at


Contractual speeds

You now have the benefit of the contractual speeds below in your contract terms in line with Regulation (EU) 2015/2120. If you have a fixed line plan with Three Ireland Services (Hutchison) Limited that allows internet services access, you’re entitled to the “Fixed Line Network Speeds” below. If you have a mobile plan with Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited or Three Ireland Services (Hutchison) Limited that allows you to access internet services, you’re entitled to the “Mobile Network Speeds” below.


Fixed Line Network Speeds


Product Maximum download(MB) Maximum upload(MB) Advertised
1MB DSL 1 0.128 Up to 100MB
3MB DSL 3 0.384 Up to 100MB
12MB DSL 12 1.1 Up to 100MB
18MB DSL 18 2 Up to 100MB
8MB NGN 8 0.512 Up to 100MB
24MB NGN 24 0.786 Up to 100MB
Fibre to the Cabinet 100 20 Up to 100MB

Each product listed shows the maximum available download and upload speeds. The maximum achievable speed for your product will be measured on your line after connection to the Three broadband service and will depend on distance to the nearest phone exchange.

The normally available speeds on all services up to 18MB should be 70% of the maximum available measured on your line. Services greater than 18MB should be 90% of the maximum available measured on your line.


Mobile Network Speeds


Estimated max. (download) Estimated max. (upload)
3G 2.5Mbps 0.49Mbps
4G 10Mbps 2.8Mbps

If there’s a continuous or regularly recurring difference between actual performance of your internet access service, regarding speed or other quality of service issues, and the performance as indicated in these terms is not fixable by Three, you may be entitled to legal proceedings for (a) damages; (b) restitution; or (c) rescission of your contract.

If the Contractual Estimated Maximum Upload and Download Speeds have not been made available to you for five consecutive days by reference to a monitoring mechanism certified by the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) (a “continuous or regularly recurring discrepancy”), at a location where you typically use Three services, you must contact our dedicated Customer Care team within 30 days of the issue arising in order to enable Three to investigate and attempt to remedy.

For more information on these changes, you can contact us on one of the following channels: