Contract Change – Prepay Service effective from 19th May and 15th June 2017

In line with the EU roaming regulation, we are making some changes to your prepay service.

From 19th May, we are increasing the EU data roaming allowance in your plan from 2GB to 5GB when you top up by €20. All You Can Eat Data remains for use in ROI.*

From 15th June, we are reducing the EU data roaming rate from €1.01 per MB to €0.0092 per MB when you are out of allowance.

Please see table below for relevant changes.

Top Up Amount €20 or more Less than €20
All You Can Eat Data in ROI* Yes No
EU Roaming Data Allowance Old 2GB No Allowance
New 5GB No Allowance
EU Roaming Data Rate Old €1.01 per MB
In excess of 5GB
€1.01 per MB
New €0.0092 per MB
In excess of 5GB
€1.01 per MB

*We are applying an EU fair use policy to our AYCE data offering. As a result, we are making the above changes.

To see our EU fair use policy terms and conditions, please click here.

These changes are being made in line with the Roaming Regulation. As a result you do not have a right to cancel your service.

For more information on these changes, you can contact us on one of the following channels:

  • Online chat
  • Visit our retail stores,
  • Call 1800 818 021,
  • Write to us at Three Customer Care, McLaughlin Road, National Tech Park, Plassey, Limerick, making sure to include your phone number or account number.

Each change above is hereby notified to you individually.

Information correct as at 18th May 2017. If you have made any changes to your account after this time they will not be reflected in the above.

Notification date: From 19th to 22nd May 2017 inclusive