Sales Confirmation Corrective Statement

We understand the importance of providing our consumers with full and clear information about prices, terms and conditions and, in relation to distance selling contracts, the right to a cooling off period to consider this information. Further to an investigation carried out by the electronic communications regulator, ComReg, it has determined that consumers that signed up to Three via JV Facility did not receive certain information regarding the main characteristics of the services that the consumer signed up to at the time when Three provided confirmation of the details of the contract in the form of a durable medium, such as an email or letter. ComReg has determined that because consumers did not receive this information, they may not have had all of the information needed to fully understand their rights and the terms associated with the services they signed up to. We regret that this has occurred. We have taken steps to ensure that this information will be provided in the future.

We will be getting in touch with any impacted consumers that signed up via JV Facility within the last 12 months over the coming weeks to provide further confirmation of all the details of their contract and other relevant information relating to their consumer rights.

Note: This statement will be published on a prominent position (the location of which is to be agreed between the parties) on Three’s website for a period of 60 days.