Contract Change – Prepay Service effective from May 15th, 2017.

The purpose of this notice is to re-issue the changes that you were informed of in early March changing the effective date from April 3rd to May 15th, 2017.


Reminder of the Prepay Changes:


·         The promotional period for benefits linked to €20 top up will change from 30 days to 28 days.

·         As part of your €20 promotion you’ll get a 2GB data allowance to use in the Republic of Ireland or when you roam in the EU. In addition, you will have an All You Can Eat Data service in the Republic of Ireland.

·         Free weekend off network calls (i.e. calls to other networks) will no longer be included in your promotion.

·         Calls made while roaming in the EU including voicemail will now be charged per minute, see more details below.

·         A connection fee of 9.15c will now apply on calls while roaming in the EU as in Republic of Ireland.

·         The Three Like Home service will be removed.

·         Promotional changes take effect from your first top up after 15th May and roaming rate changes take effect from 15th May and as illustrated below.


The full changes to €20 top up promotional benefits are set out below:


Top up €20

Before 15th May

From first €20 top up on or after 15th May

Promotional Period

30 days

28 days

Data - Republic of Ireland

All You Can Eat Data service*

All You Can Eat Data service*

Data –  Republic of Ireland and EU



4G access -  Republic of Ireland



Any network texts


Republic of Ireland


Republic of Ireland & EU

Any network weekend minutes



Three to Three minutes


Republic of Ireland


Republic of Ireland

Keep your top-up




The full changes to EU roaming rates are set out below


These will take effect from the 15th May and be the same as your current Republic of Ireland rates.



EU Roaming Rates


Before 15th May

From 15th May 

To make voice calls(all mobile and landline)

Connection Fee


To receive voice calls






38c (per minute)













Data (in excess of 2GB allowance)

24.6c per MB

€1.01 per MB

Calls made while roaming in the EU including voicemail will be charged per minute from the 15th May. Voice calls are currently subject to a minimum call charge of 30 seconds and charged per second thereafter. Voicemail is currently charged per second.


You’ll get the same standard rates on calls and texts in the EU as in Republic of Ireland. Calls received while roaming within EU will now be free of charge.


What does this mean to my scheduled top up?

If you have scheduled top ups, you may wish to alter the frequency to 28 days in line with the new promotional period. This can be done from the 15th May. We’ll contact you closer to the time with instructions on how to make this change.


What do I need to do if I want to cancel?

If you do not accept these changes you have the right to cancel your service within 30 days of this notice without penalty. You can do so by contacting us before 3rd May, 2017 on one of the following channels:


·         ,

·         Visit our retail stores,

·         Calling us on 1800 818 021,

·         Write to us at Three Customer Care, McLaughlin Road, National Tech Park, Plassey, Limerick with relevant details.


Continued usage of services after 3rd May 2017 is deemed to constitute acceptance of the change.


Under Regulation 14 of the European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) (Universal Service and Users' rights) Regulations 2011 an operator shall, not less than one month prior to the date of implementation of any proposed modification, notify its subscribers to that service of the proposed modification in the conditions of the contract for that service, and their right to withdraw without penalty from such contract if they do not accept the modification.


Fair Use Policy


Three reserves the right to introduce a Fair Use Policy (FUP) in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 (‘The Roaming Regulation’)


*Three continuously monitors network performance to ensure that the service received by customers is not impacted through a minority of users placing high demand on network resources (e.g. large bandwidths over long periods). Should your data usage exceed 60GB in a 30 day period (changing to 28 day period effective from 15th May 2017) and your usage affects other network users, we reserve the right to limit your Service.


**The current applicable fair usage policy continues to apply. (A fair usage policy limit of 3,000 any-time Three to Three minutes, 3,000 texts applies to the promotional period.)


Notification date: From 31st March 2017 to 2nd April 2017 inclusive.